Timber Floors

Soundproof timber floors with our product range.

CMS Danskin 3912 Acoustic underlay.

Our products can help you to soundproof timber floors, reducing airborne and impact noise transmission between spaces.

Recommended Products

  • CMS Danskin Regupol 3912 Underlay

    Tough and durable acoustic underlayment

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  • CMS Danskin Reflex Bearer

    Level timber or lightweight steel joist constructions, concrete subfloors

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  • CMS Danskin Acoustic Saddle Flooring

    Dry floating floors - easily levelled understructure.

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  • Hush System HF25 Advanced: HD1017

    An economical sound insulation system

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  • Hush System 2003 Advanced: HD1019

    Economical sound insulation system

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  • British Gypsum GypFloor SILENT

    Highly effective acoustic upgrade solution

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  • Hush HF25 Joist Strip

    Acoustic joist strip.

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