CMS Danskin Regupol 3912 Underlay

Tough and durable acoustic underlayment

CMS Danskin Regupol 3912 Underlay

Regupol 3912 is an acoustic underlayment that can be bonded to all base floor types, coming in 6mm thick rolls that provide toughness and durability, attenuating impact noise at the source.


  • Offers long term performance without collapse or "bottoming" out under highpoint loads
  • Resistant to ageing and deformation
  • Quick and easy to install - simply bond to the subfloor beneath the final floor finish
  • Reduces construction heights
  • High quality and exact material thickness guaranteed
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating
  • Very comfortable underfoot

Regupol 3912 is manufactured from PUR foam, ideal for beneath carpets, hardwood floors, battens, and T&G chipboard, with its principle use in refurbishment, but with suitability for newbuilds.


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