CMS Danskin Reflex Bearer

Level timber or lightweight steel joist constructions, concrete subfloors

CMS Danskin Reflex BearerCMS Danskin Reflex Bearer

Danskin Reflex Bearer provides impact and airborne noise reduction in timber or lightweight steel constructions, and on concrete subfloors in new build and refurbishment projects.


  • Approved for FFT1 and FFT3 bearer in many Robust Detail Constructions
  • Approved for new Scottish Type 2 and 3B Guidance Constructions
  • Exceptional impact sound reduction in party floors
  • Can eliminate wet trades
  • Provides void for services
  • Proven durability of resilient polymer based fibre layer
  • Proven acoustic performance

When used with appropriate structural floor and ceiling constructions it has been independently demonstrated to meet the performance standards of the Building Regulations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. In addition, it has been approved for use as an FFT1 and FFT3 bearer in many Robust Detail constructions.