Hush System 2003 Advanced: HD1019

Economical sound insulation system

Hush System 2003 Advanced: HD1019

The Hush HD1019 Acoustic system is used for both floors and ceilings, and consists of Hush 28 floating floor boards, Hush seal 20 and absorbers. 


  • UK Building Regulations Approved Document E newbuild compliant
  • A fully developed sound insulation system between separating floors
  • For use in new build or refurbishment projects using timber joists
  • Provides a 1 hour fire resistance at ceiling level


  • Hush Panel 28, all teegee joints glued using Hush-Bond, laid over 19mm plasterboard plank, laid over 18mm chipboard deck with all perimeters sealed using Hush-Seal 80
  • Hush-Slab 100 fitted between joists with Hush-Bar plus system screw fixed to the underside of joists at 450mm centres
  • One layer of 19mm plasterboard plank and one layer of 12.5mm Gyproc Soundbloc plasterboard secured to Hush-Bar Plus System. Seal all perimeters prior to skimming


Technical Specifications