Soundproofing and Acoustics

Soundproofing is a key consideration when designing or renovating rooms and spaces in buildings. Reducing sound reverberation and controlling noise is needed to ensure a pleasant environment and meet legal requirements, notably Building Regulations Part G 2012, BB93 Acoustic Design of Schools, and BS8233 for Open Plan Offices. 

There are two areas to consider:

  • Internal Room Acoustics - noise and reverberation inside a room.
  • Reducing noise - noise between rooms, through walls, floors, doors, and ceilings.
  • Internal Room Acoustics

    Internal room acoustics is concerned with the quality of sound within a space. Good room acoustics is primarily a function of the reverberation of the space.

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  • Reducing Noise

    This is the function of noise reduction between spaces - from one room to another. Our acoustic consultants will help you reduce noise from airborne or structural sources between spaces.

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  • Domestic Soundproofing

    Commercial Connections Ltd offers solutions to reduce noise from neighbours when the soundproofing in your property needs improved. Sounds coming through a separating wall, floor or ceiling construction can be reduced through a range of high performance acoustic products, helping to create a more pleasant living environment. 

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