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High activity sporting and fitness facilities generate airborne and impact noise from participants. Mitigating this sort of noise helps create a more pleasant exercising and competitive environment, aiding in instructor and team communication, and protecting hearing. We offer a number of beautiful products that can create modern designs for your facility, whilst also complying with BB93 and acoustic requirements set by Sports England.

Recommended Products

  • Topakustik Wooden Panels

    High quality timber-slotted sound absorbing acoustic panels

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  • Soundsorba Wallsorba Acoustic Panels

    Sound absorbing wall panels - reduction of noise reverberation and echo

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  • Soundsorba Echosorba II Panels

    Stick-on sound absorbing panels

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  • Soundsorba Woodsorba Timber Acoustic Panels

    Decorative wood veneer reverberant sound absorption panels

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