Soundsorba Echosorba II Panels

Stick-on sound absorbing panels

Acoustic ceiling panels.Soundsorba EchosorbaSoundsorba EchosorbaSoundsorba Echosorba

Echosorba II provides an easy, stick-on noise reduction solution, with high performance acoustic wall panels suitable for soundproofing the walls and ceilings of a room.


  • Only 30mm in thickness
  • Paint surfaces to fit design without significant acoustic performance loss
  • Meets Class 0 fire rating for Building Regulations safety 
  • Easy installation
  • Low weight ensures ceiling capability - no high-load strain
  • Meets school acoustcis standards in BB93, and Building Regulations for common areas in flats
  • Reinforced edges for increased durability


Echosorba II reduces noise in walls and ceilings for a number of applications, such as schools, offices, music studios, lecture theatres, multi-purpose halls, interview rooms, training areas, and cinemas. 


Echosorba II's acoustic wall panels are manufactured from fibreglass, providing a noise reducing material for the core, with the white speckled laminated facing providing an appealing visual design for any modern project, and each panel featuring bevelled edges. Panels come white as standard, but may be painted any colour with emulsion to complement the rest of the room.