Acoustic Walls

Commercial Connections Ltd distributes a range of sound proofing panels for acoustically insulating walls and ceilings, from acoustic material manufacturers such as Sound Reduction Systems, allowing you to choose the right sound absorbing solution for your building. Good room acoustics is now a key requirement of B.B.93 (BB93) Acoustic Design of schools.

  • Maxiboard Acoustic Board

    Acoustic board to reduce noise between masonry walls.

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  • Rytons Cowled Super Acoustic Controllable LookRyt® AirCore® - AAC125HPCWL

    Retro-fitted core ventilator with external cowl for background room ventilation

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  • QuietStar Acoustic Windows

    Noise reduction windows - fit any size

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  • SRS Maxi HP Partition

    Sound/noise attenuation system

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  • Pliteq GenieClip RST

    Affordable and reliable sound clip

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