Rytons Cowled Super Acoustic Controllable LookRyt® AirCore® - AAC125HPCWL

Retro-fitted core ventilator with external cowl for background room ventilation

Rytons LookRyt AircoreRytons LookRyt AircoreRytons LookRyt AircoreRytons LookRyt Aircore

The Rytons LookRyt AirCore reduces noise entering a building, while alleviating airblasts through the cavity. It reduces sound by 45 dB with internal grille fully open, and 50 dB when closed.


  • Reduces the amount of noise entering the building for a more peaceful environment
  • Unique draught reducing internal panel disperses air evenly into the room for improved comfort
  • Panel manually adjusted with an easy push/pull or tilt action allowing ventilation to be controlled as required
  • Interlocking components aid correct positioning, alignment and easy installation
  • Cowl and external grille U.V. stabilised to slow dow the effects of sunlight
  • Equivalent area tested to BS EN 13141-1:2004 and independently verified by the BRE

As well as providing an acoustic solution, the LookRyt AirCore can be painted or have wallpaper applied to the internal panel to match the interior décor, providing a discreet appearance, and has an external water baffle that prevents the transfer of water across the cavity. The cowl and external grille also come in a choice of colours: terracotta; buff/sand; and white.


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