QuietStar Acoustic Windows

Noise reduction windows - fit any size

QuietStar Acoustic Windows

QuietStar Noise-lock acoustic windows can be manufactured bespoke, and are available in STC ratings from 30 to over 60 with noise reduction (NIC) of 30-90 dB. 


  • Available in almost any size/shape
  • Designed to fit any wall thickness
  • Strong, durable metal frames (aluminium or stainless/galvanised steel) with proven, reliable acoustic seals
  • Outstanding laboratory-tested acoustic performance
  • Will integreate with any construction-system, including drwall/stud partitions, concrete and masonry
  • BS EN ASO 9901 quality registered 

The windows also come with a variety of glazing options, including: laminated safety glass; one-way vision mirror; bullet resistant; non-reflective; and heat resistant.