CMS Danskin Regupol E48 Screed Isolation

Isolate screeds from the main structure of the building

CMS Danskin E48 Screed Isolation

Regupol®E48 provides under screed acoustic insulation by reducing impact energy from footfall by isolating the screeds from the main structure of the building, providing improved acoustic performance with a recycled tyre crumb material. Regupol®E48 provides long term acoustic performance, without collapsing under high loads. 


  • Meets building regulations in Approved Document E following lab and on-site testing by independent bodies UKAS and ANC
  • Approved by NHBC for ADE 2003 compliance
  • High load bearing capacity, with support for up to 30kn/m²
  • Excellent impact and airborne performance
  • Minimises construction heights
  • High quality and exact material thickness guaranteed 
  • Protects expansion joints

The versatility of Regupol®E48 makes it suitable for use alongside underfloor heating, and its quick and easy installation omits the need for perimeter strips. The quality of the material also ensures minimal creep occurs, and makes it resistant to ageing or deformation. Regupol®E48 is used under all types of floor screeds in most new build constructions including apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels, libraries and supermarkets. 


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