CMS Danskin Regupol 6010BA

High-load bearing acoustic performance

CMS Danskin Regupol 6010BACMS Danskin Regupol 6010BA

Regupol 6010BA provides a sound absorbing product capable of bearing high-loads, while delivering under screed acoustic insulation with a recycled tyre crumb material that surpasses Document E performance standards, achieved without collapse or bottoming out.


  • Reduces impact noise from high loads up to 50kN/m²
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Mildew and moisture proof
  • Protects expansion joints

Commercial Connections Ltd supplies 6010BA as a screed underlay acoustic solution for projects that require high-quality sound reduction for both impact and airborne noise. The material is high quality, with an adherence to exact material thickness to ensure the best noise reduction is achieved.


Technical Specifications