Topperfo Perforated Acoustic Panels

High quality perforated acoustic panels

Topperfo Perforated Acoustic PanelsTopperfo Perforated Acoustic PanelsTopperfo Perforated Acoustic Panels

Topperfo acoustic panels provide soundproofing for walls or ceiling sound insulation, in a variety of veneered, painted, or melamine faced finishes. They provide acoustic performance that can fit your project design, with standard or custom size panels available.


  • A range of wood veneer, painted, or melamine surfaces available
  • Standard or custom sizes available 
  • Curved panel solutions available to fit your design
  • Different perforation options available for the right aesthetic
  • Choice of M, T, and micro-perforations

Topperfo are bespoke to each project, and are visually unintrusive. The small diameters of the perforations provides effective sound absorption, as well as creating an appealing aesthetic for any project.


Technical Specifications