Soundsorba Quietsorba Ecopaint

High performance Class A sound absorbing panels for walls and ceilings

Soundproofing panels in an educational centre.Soundproofing panels in an educational centre.Soundsorba Quietsorba

Quietsorba Ecopaint acoustic panels helps to soundproof a room by offering a Class A sound absorbing solution, with an aesthetic design that can be applied to both walls and ceilings, creating a decorative finish without a loss in soundproofing performance. 


  • Allows for vertical or horizontal fitting
  • Colour can be changed on-site with emulsion spray to fit the aesthetic design of the room
  • Versatile application allows for wall mounted or suspended ceiling solutions
  • Easy access to services in suspended ceilings with demountable panels

The white speckled finish of Quietsorba Ecopaint creates an appealing design that can work in a number of environments, such as schools, offices, leisure centres and community halls. The panels also work as a stand-alone design feature, or they may be butted together to form a continuous wall lining for a complete sound insulation solution.