Soundsorba Fotosorba

Acoustic panels with a decorative printed finish

Soundsorba FotosorbaSoundsorba FotosorbaSoundsorba Fotosorba

Fotosorba acoustic wall panels provide a noise insulation solution to reduce reverberation in a room, while providing a material that can fit the design aesthetic of the project. With the ability to design custom photo printed finishes, Fotosorba allows for the right acoustic performance to be achieved without compromising on visuals.


  • Printed finish provides a discreet acoustic solution
  • Choice of design allows for an appropriate aesthetic finish to be achieved per project
  • Simple installation

The acoustic performance of Fotosorba wall panels makes them an ideal reverberation insulator for open plan areas, such as restaurants, reception areas, offices, and conference rooms.

A large range of photos are available for print, but the ability to provide your own photos allows for a custom design to create the right solution for your project.

Fire resistance:

The core of the panel meets BS 476:Part 6:Class 0, and the facing of the panel meets the requirements of BS 5867:Part 2:1980 Type B performance. 


Panels weight approximately 3Kg/m².