CMS Danskin Thermal Saddle Flooring

Thermally insulated floating floor

CMS Danskin Thermal Saddle Flooring

Based on the Danskin Acoustic Saddle Flooring System, this thermal saddle flooring system provides an easy way to install a level, thermally insulated floating floor on uneven subfloors without the need for levelling screeds. 


  • Eliminate the levelling screed
  • Superior Performance
  • Continuity of insulation
  • Minimal Floor Height
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Underfloor Heating Integration
  • Robust Details Compliance

The system is suitable for installation above suspended beam & block and precast plank floors, or on upper floors with an exposed soffit. It is also suitable for use on a cast in-situ concrete ground floor floor provided a suitable DPM and vapour control layer are installed.