CMS Danskin Park Bearers

Reduce impact & airborne sound transmission through concrete floors

CMS Danskin Park Bearers

Danskin Park Bearers provide a highly effective method of reducing impact and airborne sound transmission through concrete party floors as part of a dry floating floor construction, addressing excessive noise, one of the prime concerns of today's architect and house builder. 


  • Approved FFT1 and FFT3 bearer in many concrete Robust Details
  • Effetive reduction of impact and airborne sound
  • Accommodates service runs
  • Eliminates the delays caused by screeds
  • Successfully used for over 35 years. 

Dry floating floors eliminate the delays caused by the drying out of screeds and the cavity created by the bearer can accommodate services running under the floor. 

The sound insulation of party floors is a necessary requirement of the Building Regulations. Methods of satisfying the regulations are set out in Approved Document E in England and Wales, Section 5 of the Technical Handbook in Scotland, and Technical Booklet G in Northern Ireland. In addition, the construction of Robust Details can provide a method of compliance in Scotland, England and Wales. 

The Danskin Park Bearer contributes significantly to the reduction of impact and airborne sound through concrete party floors. When used with appropriate structural floor and and ceiling constructions it has been independently demonstrated to meet the performance standards of the Building Regulations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. 


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