Industrial Audiometric Screening

Facilitated using our purpose-built mobile clinic

Industrial Audiometric ScreeningIndustrial Audiometric ScreeningIndustrial Audiometric Screening

Industrial audiometric screening takes place on your site, and offers more than just basic hearing screening. Specialist equipment is used in an insulated mobile clinic, incorporating an IAC diagnostic audiology booth, similar to those used within hospitals and private clinics. 


  • Planned and limited interruption to the busy working day - no employees need to leave the work site
  • Diagnostic level clinic ensures very accurate measurements, with the advantage of meaningful comparisons for future screening and monitoring
  • Referral service offered in the same testing environment, allowing for retesting of employees with H.S.E. categorisation, allowing for identification of employees at genuine risk of Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Under the health and safety Regulation 9, of The Control of Noise at Work Regulations (Northern Ireland), employers are obliged to carry out hearing tests of their employees when they "are, or liable to be exposed to noise."


Technical Specifications