Soundproofing Party Walls

Domestic soundproofing for party walls.

Maxi Masonry Wall

How to improve sound insulation performance of a party wall

Maxiboard can be used to to improve the sound insulation performance of a party wall construction, helping to soundproof the wall between your property and your neighbour. This will help to reduce low volume noise sources, such as talking, radio and TV noises, and louder sources such as entertainment systems. Significant improvements to the soundproofing of your property can be made by using Maxiboard.

Implementing Maxiboard

Prior to installing, remove existing linings and inspect the wall. If it is necessary to seal the wall, the wall can be rendered using 12mms of sand/cement or a proprietary alternative. Unevenness in the walls can be resolved by adding 25x50mm vertical timber battens. 

Maxi resilient bars are installed horizontally at the top and bottom, and at 600mm centres from the floor up. 25mm Maxi Slab is then installed between the resilient bars.

17mm Maxiboard is fitted to the resilient bars using 3.9mm by 30mm SRS Maxi screws. Gripfix should be applied to the shiplap edges of the Maxiboards as they are placed together. The shiplap edge of the Maxiboard should be trimmed flush where they meet the ceiling and flanking walls, with a bead of low-modulus silicon sealant applied. 

Fit 9.5mm dry-lining or plasterboard over the Maxiboard using 40mm drywall screws to fix into the resilient bars. The 9.5mm dry-lining or plasterboard can then be finished using conventional plastering techniques and decorated as normal.

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