Silente Lito™

Acoustic lamp shade.

Acoustic lamp shade.Acoustic lamp shade.Acoustic lamp shade.Acoustic lamp shade.

Silente Lito™ is a range of acoustic lamp shades, offering a specialist solution to reducing noise in your workplace. The design of the lamp shades helps to reduce echo and reverberation, creating a more pleasant working environment. Silente Lito™ is manufactured from polyester to create a core with a specific density to achieve acoustic performance.

At 12mm in thickness, with 16 different colours and varied designs, Silente Lito™ offers a unique solution to reducing noise in your workspace whilst offering great aesthetics. 

Acoustic Absorber - Silente Lito™ Acosutic light shade - 12mm
Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 NRC
Silente Lito™ 12mm 0.40 0.85 1.00 0.96 1.00 1.00 0.95

Silente Lito™ has been fire tested to EN13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Fire classification of construction products and building elements - Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests, Class B.

The surface may be cleaned with a moist cloth to remove light dirt marks. To avoid adverse effects, test with a small area first prior to cleaning the entire surface.