SRS Impactafoam

Impact noise reduction material

SRS Impactafoam

Impactafoam is designed to form a resilient layer, reducing impact noise transmission in concrete and timber floors. Impactafoam is an inert, cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam, therefore providing a vapour barrier with good compression strength.


  • Reduces impact noise
  • Only 5mm thick
  • Offers high compression strength
  • Easy to lay and cut
  • Good vapour barrier
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Does not deteriorate or mildew

In a concrete construction, Impactafoam is laid as a embrane between a structural concrete floor of mass 300Kg/m² and the finishing screed. For a raft floor construction, Impactafoam batten strips are applied to the underside of the timber battens. In  conventional timber construction, self-adhesive batten strips are easily applied to the top of the floor joists. This forms a resilient layer between the joists and the boarding, reducing impact noise.