SRS Acoustilay

Acoustic flooring underlay

SRS Acoustilay

Sound Reduction System's Acoustilay is the original proprietary acoustic flooring underlay. Acoustilay can be installed as easily and quickly as a conventional carpet underlay, but offers greatly enhanced sound insulation performance. 


  • Can improve airborne sound insulation
  • Reduces impact noise
  • Simply laid under most floor finishes
  • Easily cut and shaped
  • Minimises increase in floor level
  • Easily and quickly installed
  • Can be used to meet Part E of the Building Regulations
  • Can allow access to existing floor

Acoustilay is ideal for use in conversions, and more specifically, within listed buildings, where the Conservation Officer often places restrictions on the work that can be done, but the separating floors need to be upgraded to meet Part E of the Building Regulations. Acoustilay is also suitable for use within the home to improve domestic comfort. 

The performance achieved over a lath and plaster ceiling can be variable, as it is dependent on the condition of the ceiling and floorboards to some extent. The joist sizes in the test situation were 75mm x 225mm. The figures quoted here describe what can be achieved from Acoustilay over a floor/ceiling in good condition, but cannot be guaranteed. 


Acoustilay 15: 15kg/m²
Acoustilay 8: 8kg/m²
Acoustilay 3: 3kg/m²


Acoustilay 15: 15mm
Acoustilay 8: 12mm
Acoustilay 3: 10mm

Sheet size: 1200m x 1200mm


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