CMS Danskin Everroll Multitile

Sound and shock absorbing tiles for sports and gym floors.

CMS Danskin Everroll MultitileCMS Danskin Everroll MultitileCMS Danskin Everroll Multitile

As part of CMS Danskin's range of acoustic products for gym and sport flooring, EVERROLL MULTITILE offers high levels of shock absorption, helping to reduce strain for gym members and protecting the subfloor from damage. The non-reflective surface of the tiles provides an aesthetic finish and consistent colour for various sporting environments.


  • Force reduction of approximately 38.5%
  • Easy to install with a V-groove joint finish
  • No light reflections - all colours retained in all lighting conditions

EVERROLL MULTITILE is made from PUR bonded and moulded rubber, with a 4mm EVERROLL COMPACT layer, creating a total thickness of 27mm.