QuietStar Acoustic Doors

High quality acoustic doors

QuietStar Acoustic Doors

QuietStar Acoustic Doors provide the most efficient, user friendly doorsets on the market, with an acoustic range from Rw 47dB to Rw 70dB. 


  • Doors can come from stock or can be custom made
  • Custom designed and produced CAM Lift Hinges can incorporate flat thresholds into door design - no obtrusive floor seals or trip-hazards
  • Computer-aided/laser-design allows for the manufacturing and installation to fit design brief, with no impact on noise reduction
  • Conform to EN1634-1 Fire Ratings

Self-aligning magnetic acoustic seals ensure a consistent and effective sound-proofing with non-slam action, ensuring no pressure or stress on door ironmongery, with split frame design configurations mean doors can be purpose built for any environment rapidly, securely, and to an exceptionally high standard of finish. QuietStar Doors have been supplied to the following markets: architectural; airport services; broadcasting; building services; education; entertainment and leisure; healthcare; law enforcement; manufacturing; power generation; and typical acoustic door applications.