Building Additions Fabric Concertina Partitions

Cost effective space dividing solution

Fabric Concertina Partitions

Concertina partition doors are a cost effective way of quickly dividing an area for multiple uses. Designed for top track hanging, fabric room partitions are lightweight, easy, and smooth to operate, and do not cause any obstruction on the floor space. 


  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Easily cleaned and maintained 
  • Lightweight

Fabric partition systems are widely used in primary schools and children;s nurseries, where the configuration of the room needs to be changed quickly and easily. The fabric coating on the individual panels of the partition system is fully washable, and contains antimicrobials to protect against mildew, mould, fungi, and bacteria, and has also been tested using MRSA prevention products, making it an ideal solution for dividing spaces in hospitals and medical centres.