SRS Soundstop

Multi-purpose acoustic barrier

SRS SoundstopSRS SoundstopSRS Soundstop

Soundstop is a multi-purpose acoustic barrier, suitable for many applications, and is ideal for use in ceiling voids or within partition walls. 


  • Reduces room to room noise up to 46dB
  • Has a sound reduction index of 28dB
  • Easily workable - will form to any contour, and has memory
  • When used as a vertical cavity barrier, thi s avoids treating the whole of the ceiling
  • Installation causes minimum disruption
  • Multipurpose/versatile
  • Occupies minimum of space - only 13mm thickness

Soundstop can be applied to housings or enclosures to wrap noisy services and pipes for machinery, and is versatile and efficient by coming in various types and finishes to meet defined specifications.