SRS Soundblockers

Reduce sound for suspended ceilings

SRS SoundblockerSRS SoundblockerSRS SoundblockerSRS Soundblocker

Soundblockers provide the most comprehensive system available for reducing the breakout of sound through suspended ceilings. Soundblockers will also reduce vertical sound transmission between floors, and from services within the ceiling void. 


  • Reduces noise breakout through suspended ceilings in offices, classrooms, and hospitals
  • Reduces noise breakout from services within the suspended ceiling void
  • Easily installed with new or existing suspended ceilings
  • Easily removable for access
  • Allows complete flexibility with relocation of partitions, unlike vertical cavity barrier solutions
  • Easily cut

Soundblockers are placed onto the back of the ceiling tile and can be installed with the ceiling or as a retrofit. Easily removed with the tile, Soundblockers allow access to the ceiling void.