ICOPAL Monarfloor Wall Cap 200/400

Wall capping system for masonry walls

ICOPAL Monarfloor Wall Cap 200/400

Monarfloor Wall Cap 200/400 is an acoustic isolation system for flanking walls within multi-rise developments. 


  • Isolates the precast floor plank from the flanking wall
  • Reduces the flanking sound transmission
  • Can be used as a flanking detail with any acoustic flooring
  • Easily installed within current standard wall constructions
  • Ensures the robustness of acoustic systems for party walls and party floors
  • 3-4 Code for Sustainable Homes credits

Monarfloor Wall Cap 200/400 isolates the load-bearing leaves from the precast floor planl, reducing the acoustic flanking sound transmission within the structue. Monarfloor wall Cap 200/400 also ensures the integrity of acoustic treatments for party floors.