ICOPAL Monarfloor Bridgestop

Acoustic isolation system for party walls on raft foundations are a continual slab

ICOPAL Monarfloor Bridgestop

Monarfloor Bridgestop isolates both masonry leafs from each other, preventing an acoustic bridge by the collection of mortar at the base of the cavity.


  • Superior acoustic isolation performance
  • Can be used as an isolator for steel
  • Permits the use of a continual slab between dwellings
  • Specified within Robust Details E-WM-19 & A2
  • 4 credits for the Code of Sustainable Homes

Monarfloor Bridgestop also isolates the party walls from the concerete sub-floor, reducing acoustic flanking, and improving the damping. Where used with a gas or radon barrierm Monarfloor Bridgestop will ensure the integrity of the barrier from possible damage from mortar droppings.


Technical Specifications