Sound reduction, noise control, acoustic and thermal products and services to the construction industry

Acoustic insulation, sound reduction (soundproofing), noise control products, and acoustic services are provided by Commercial Connections Ltd throughout Ireland. We also provide thermal products and services in the form of airtightness testing, underfloor heating design, Energy Performances Certificates (EPCs), SBEMs and SAP Energy Assessments.

Acoustic Products

We offer a variety of sound and noise control products including acoustic timber floors, acoustic ceilingsmoveable walls / folding partitions, acoustic glazing and hearing protection for industry.

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Thermal Products

Specialist thermal products such as ACTIS Multifoil Insulation can be used to reduce heat loss in the home, save energy and reduce heating bills.  We provide underfloor heating design and are the sole distributor in Ireland of Timoleon Underfloor Heating Systems

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Acoustic and Thermal Services

At Commercial Connections Ltd or one of its associated divisions we offer a complete range of acoustic and thermal services.

Acoustic Services:

  • UKAS sound insulation testing provided by soundtesting.co.uk
  • Noise at work assessments
  • Hand-arm vibration
  • Health surveillance
  • Audiometric screening
  • Personalised hearing protection

Thermal Services:

  • Airtightness Testing
  • SAP Calculations
  • SBEM Calculations
  • New Build Energy Performance Certificates(EPC)
  • Energy Ratings for Extensions
  • Design advice
  • U-Value Analysis
  • Infra-red Thermal Imaging

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